I wasn’t going to talk about the inane ‘scandal’ regarding Akimoto Sayaka and Hiroi Ouji, but then THIS had to happen.  The tabloids posted a few random pictures of an old guy and passed a story because he had stayed overnight with Sayaka at her apartment.  The man is 56 years old, and it was known before this tabloid article that he was mentoring her in acting, taking her to various plays and spending time coaching her.

Sayaka said that he fell asleep at her apartment so she allowed him to sleep there undisturbed for the night.  Fellow AKB member Umeda Ayaka lives with Sayaka in the same apartment, so how this story got blown up into a possible “sex/dating scandal” is beyond me.  Not only that, but that specific tabloid had been sued several times before by multiple agencies.  Common sense alone would tell you that the article is really reaching.

I didn’t pay much mind and waited for the story to blow over, but I just woke up to more news: Akimoto Sayaka resigning her position as the leader of Team K.  To an extent I can understand why she’s doing this; anyone who follows Sayaka knows that she holds herself up to near-impossible standards and the fact that she’s also one of the most respectful and respected members makes this all the more depressing.  But resigning is definitely not something she should have done in my opinion.

She announced a long apology for letting the tabloids write the story, her recklessness and bringing bad press to AKB48.  Her resignation because of this is frustrating.  It’s understandable, she takes responsibility for giving fodder to rabid dogs; but resigning?  By doing so, more attention is given to the article, which is exactly what the tabloids want.

Initially I didn’t give the story a seconds notice but now it’s gotten far out of proportion.  This proofless, hollow article now shifted AKB itself.  Unpermissible.


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  1. The company and all related parties found that she was NOT at fault!

    So why did Sayaka resign as captain but still a team member?

    The old “Save Face” policy (which is utter BullSh*T)!
    It’s more Draconian in Japan than in China or the rest of Asia!

    She had the **BALLS** to take responsibility for her actions, even if she was found NOT responsible. Many Japanese politicians, leaders and people can learn from her!

    It’s Japan! If you don’t like their cultural ways, then don’t visit them!

    Before criticizing, I’m Asian and know all too well as this “Save Face” CR*P!!

    Let’s all support Sayaka :)

  2. This will just uplift Sayaka even more in fans’ eyes. She was spectacular when AKB48 visited L.A. at AX 2010, the group’s leader and spokesperson, staying the entire time as Atsuko, Minami and the rest jetted back to Tokyo past haste after the July 1 concert. I have the absolute highest regard for Sayaka!

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