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I think I’ve finally come to terms with what Korean pop has to provide and have been enjoying a lot of what they’ve been putting out.  One thing in particular that I’ve been loving are the music videos, especially as of late.  The art design teams did a meticulous job with detailed sets, costumes and color-coordinating, giving a really bold and contemporary look that I’m finding refreshing, enhancing my enjoyment of the song, as music videos are supposed to do.

The set designs, lighting, and color choices are a sight to behold:

SNSD ‘Hoot’

SNSD’s ‘Hoot’ may not be my one of my favorite songs but their use of color and set design is absolutely amazing.  The ‘secret agent’ theme is well represented in the girl’s outfits, sporting “bond girl”-esque looks and in the background as well, with a target motif worked into their elaborate and slick construction of the neon dance set.

Miss A ‘Breathe’

It took some time to grow on me but ‘Breathe’ is a pretty fantastic song.  The weird and quirky sound is also represented in the visuals, making for an oddball whirlwind of funky dancing, eye-popping color, strange sets, and dynamic cuts.  The color choices for this music video are brilliant; superior to anything I’ve seen this year as far as PVs go.

Orange Caramel ‘Aing’

Orange Caramel’s ‘Aing’ is notable for their concept and ambitious set designs; I’ve seen fairytale-themed music videos before, but this one takes it to a new level.  Where it lacks in polish, it makes up with variety and charm, making it much more than a sum of its parts.

I hope the trends don’t change too quickly, because I’m loving the look these groups have right now.  Just look at all those colors!


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