Classy Days


I really miss these days. The reasons I made the switch from Korean Music to J-Pop. People argue that Japan goes and copies other genres but I’d argue that the way they assimilate it into their own makes it uniquely theirs. For example this type of song, although originated in the States, no longer exists. The fact that it could be brought back in Japan is just hilarious. But what about now? Is there room for this kind of genre?

Idol Check
Cute? Yes.
Ditsy? Yes.
Cool? Yes.
Extremely Cute (Like Borderline Underage)? Yes.
Goofy? Yes.
Sexy? Yes.
Classy? No.

Where are the classy idols of today?

On that note, I miss Konno Asami.

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  1. old team A is where the classy went. BAM.

  2. I think Kanon Fukuda, from S/mileage, is really classy.

    I don’t know how to really explain it, but if you’ve ever seen her during promotions, she sometimes has a way of presenting herself in a serious, calm, and mature manner.

    Just a couple of days ago when they did a live ustream show. The S/mileage girls got off the stage to present this augmented reality technology. When they were done, 3 of the girls just climbed up the stage like little toddlers struggling to climb up a high ledge and Kanon just casually stared at them and walked up the stage by using a set of stairs at the side.

    When I saw that, I just couldn’t stop laughing. It was such a cute and classy moment imo.

    Another great thing about Kanon is the way she speaks english. She sounded like a girl with proper etiquette.

    You can see that here, if you skip to 1:57, she says, “Thank you very much.”

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