Chisato is in Romantik Ukare Mode

Recently Okai Chisato of C-ute released a cover of the famous Idol song “Romantic Ukare Mode” by Fujimoto Miki. The recent push that Chisato has been getting is a very welcoming site for H!P fans as most people know C-ute as a 2 person show with Airi and Maimi at the helm. Chisato’s YouTube Dance videos have been a huge success, and she is also getting Fan Club events for herself. Lets hope that 2011 continues to be a good year for Chisato  and hopefully we see this trend continue within H!P with the lesser known members getting more of a spotlight attention for themselves.

The Original Mikitty version

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  1. Oh lordy. I like that they’re starting to push other members in H!P, but with ‘Romantic Ukare Mode’?

    As it’s Fujimoto’s most famous song and her voice is practically burned into this single, I see people comparing the two versions and ultimately determining that Mikitty’s is still the definitive version; not the kind of feedback you want. A number H!P members have already sang this song in concerts, what would make this version special? Sure, it’s a novelty to hear popular songs sung by different members but that’s usually in concerts.

    I see virtually no difference in the instrumentals or composition to make this version specifically Chisato’s. This will make me listen to her version a couple times, but I’ve heard this song so many times already and when I do occasionally want to listen to Romantic Ukare Mode, the version I’ll play will still be Fujimoto Miki’s. Pushing Chisato is great; it’s fantastic, she’s deserving and all, but I’m less than excited about them doing it this way.

    I completely understand that this isn’t a big release, and I’m blowing this out of proportion. It’s exclusively being sold at her Fan Club event, which means this is just for Chisato fans. I’m just wondering why a cover of Romantic Ukare Mode is something people would even be interested in at this point, and why this has been the “talk of the week”.

    It’s a pet-peeve of mine when UFA spends money and effort on things other than progressing forward. UFA should be focusing their balls off trying to create awesome new things, instead of recycling old stuff from a decade ago and repackaging it in a lackluster fashion going, “Remember?! Remember the awesome times?!”

    Good on Chisato, and I hope they start pushing other members too…but not with covers.

  2. C-ute and Chisato´s fans love Chisato´s voice…it´s the best present for us ^^ Chisato´s voice makes the song special.

    Of course, since she sang it in 2006 (only the begining) we were waiting a full version of this and now we have it…

    It´s great ^^ from less promoted member to the most promoted member…it´s a big step ^^

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