Chance no Junban Covers: What am I Looking at?

Of all the AKB single covers ever created, this could be in the bottom tier. At least that’s my first impression. The background is actually pretty nice and slick. I like the subtle hint of depth and volume of the words “CHANCE” but the title treatment on the bottom is horrendous; it’s awkward, bulky and out of place compared to the more attractive design of the upper half. Even the shade of the red, green and blue(yes, there are many different varieties of each) are pretty boring. They got the reddest red, greenest green, and the bluest blue. Colors this primary and straightforward are usually used for children’s toys and we associate them with the juvenile, instead of something fun or interesting. The enormous “AKB48” overlaying the top is understandable, maybe to let people know that is indeed AKB48 since it features many unfamiliar faces, but it seems like overkill. All of the type is too big. Maybe if the outfits they were wearing complimented the colors in the title and background, it could ease my eyes? Maybe the size of the AKB members on the cover is bugging me? Who knows. But at the moment, I’m just confused by these design choices. And why is ‘Version A’ even red?! Shouldn’t it be pink?

However, my disappointment from an art standpoint is (for the time being) quelled by something EXTREMELY refreshing and exciting about these covers: new faces. It’s a very welcome change. It’s not every day(or ever) that you get to see Sato Sumire or Maeda Ami representing a major single on the cover; not to mention that the single will prominently feature their voices, maybe even with SOLO LINES! Aside from theater songs, I couldn’t even dream of Kobayashi Kana or Nakatsuka Tomomi to be singing with Kojima and Atsuko in the same single. Now it’s coming up in a few weeks, and I can’t wait to hear all the songs they prepared.

Looking at what’s coming with this release, how can I not buy them when they offer such bang for my buck? While most singles come with 3-4 different covers with two songs and a single PV, each version (A, K, B, and Theater) comes with the standard two songs, with an additional third song that differs with each version. Since there’s four versions, that’s 6 songs altogether; almost half the number of songs an album usually has, with an extra DVD that has the PVs for each song included and a 3-part Jankenpon documentary. It’s hard accuse management to be money grubbing cigar chompers when they take their recent surge in sales to churn out more songs and PVs than they ever have before in a single release.

Alright. I think I successfully hyped myself enough to override my disappointment with the covers. I can’t wait till December 8th. The covers are still ugly though.


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