Chance no Junban PV: A Fresh Look

Chance no Junban was met with little enthusiasm within the New School Kaidan Academy team.  The song wasn’t bad, but there wasn’t much for us to grab onto when it came to our tastes.  Even if we weren’t crazy about the song, there was something else to look forward to: a whole mess of new faces in the PV, many of which are among our favorites.

This PV:


Upon hearing random comments about the PV early on it didn’t sound very appealing, but having watching it in its entirety, it’s not bad. Everyone looks REALLY great here with the most perfect, glimmering hair you’ve ever seen; Sato Sumire, Maeda Ami, Kobayashi Kana, and Nakagawa Haruka especially look amazing here.

The clips of the Janken Tournament aren’t as intrusive and pushy as I thought they would be, but I’d rather they were replaced by something more interesting and unique. And even though I like the bright set, I wish the costumes were a different color. The white costumes against the cream-colored background look blindingly bright—though I think that’s what they were going for.

The set looks a little chaotic, but they did a nice job toning it down by making everything different subtle shades of white. In fact I think this may be the most labor-intensive set I’ve ever seen constructed for an AKB PV, from floor to ceiling. As expected Maeda Atsuko got a fair amount of screen-time despite placing #15, which got plenty of groans and complaints, but I feel it was necessary to use her as an olive branch to the casual audience. It’d be a different story if she didn’t make senbatsu at all but since she did, it was a given that management would push her a decent amount.

The dance is a little hard to form an opinion on, but it always is in PVs; I usually can’t determine if I like the dance choreography until I watch a full performance, which is usually on Music Japan. All in all, even if the song isn’t something I’d play on loop, the PV will have me revisit it plenty of times.


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