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New PV Alert: Yamamoto Sayaka – JOKER

Yamamoto Sayaka continues to break the idol mold with her latest release. “JOKER” is a song that Yamamoto wrote and composed, and this represents the rarest of rare for idols. The promotional video consists mostly of two miniature, opposingly styled Sayakas marching across a disheveled banquet table. Playing cards, sawdust, …

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New PV Alert: Dream Ami – XOXO

Before I begin with Dream Ami’s XOXO”, you need to know that I don’t use the word “pop” as a derogatory term. If you are going to get any mileage from this album track Dream Ami’s 1st album “Re:Dream” album, you better love some pop music. Warning aside, “XOXO” is …

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New PV Alert: Perfume – If you wanna

Let’s talk some Perfume today. For their new single promotional video A-chan, Kashiyuka and Nocchi start with a digital bath floating as if supported by bit streams. Even if that digital womb doesn’t last long visually, we get constant reminders of zeros and ones through the pixel architecture of the …

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