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New PV Alert: Senanan – $ CUNT DULL

The 1st EP from Senanan begets the scandalously titled promotional video “$ CUNT DULL”. The Senanan show is gets told through tight chose ups and pastel colors that leaves you with a seriously disorienting feeling. Watching “$ CUNT DULL” feels a bit like you’ve been staring at film negatives through …

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New PV Alert: Ichiko Reina, Danbara Ruru, Takase Kurumi, Kawamura Ayano, Kiyono Momohime – Gobaku~We Can’t Go Back~ (Short ver.)

Earlier in the year, the precedence for debuting young idols in Hello! Project was broken and five girls, these five girls, were given their debut announcment beore assigning them to groups. As it turned out, Danbara Ruru was assigned to Juice=Juice, Kawamura Ayano headed to ANGERME, and Ichioka Reina was …

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