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New PV Alert: JYUJYU – Noroi Hajime

Just in time for Halloween, JYUJYU released the PV for their October 25, 2016 release, “Noroi Hajime”. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to have three spooky black robed idols murder you repeatedly, then this promotional video is for you. Relentlessly shot POV style, Neu, Miori and Minoru …

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New PV Alert: Kus Kus – Picolation

I can’t help it. Kus Kus is incredibly cute; I powerless against them. The twosome’s latest electro influenced song, “Picolation” unleashes choreography that actually accents the groups small size. There’s some stop motion work that looks straight from Pythagora Switch, and of course Mai and Yui being their adorable selves. …

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New PV Alert: Younapi – été

From the very first few notes of this promotional video, I could tell I would have some amount of affection for Younapi’s “été”. No, it’s not a powerful song, nor is it as lively as the recent work from her group, Yurumerumo!. I just love the sound of the percussion …

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