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From their Best Album “BILLIed IDLE”, BILLIE IDLE®’s “BYE-BYE” continues the group’s celebration of 80’s new wave/punk nostalgia. The song swings a bit with crunchy guitars in a steady 12/8 beat and does a great job showcasing the great voices that one-time BiS members Hirano Nozomi and First Summer Uika …

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New PV Alert: Q’ulle – Shout It Out

Back with the coupling track to their major label debut, Q’ulle’s “Shout It Out” plays to the one of the group’s strengths from their early days: the single camera, single take dance shot. As the secondary track on the single, you probably shouldn’t expect explosions or other pyrotechnic events. However, …

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New PV Alert: CY8ER – Te to Te

New faces and new name, but Rinahamu’s CY8ER (formerly BPM15Q) continues its unique electro yume kawaii. Working with a composition by Yunomi and lyrics by Rinahamu and DSK, “Te to Te” features the girls breaking down (digital style) in the broad daylight. Swirling onscreen graphics hint at extra-dimensional existence, and …

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