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You can file this under “Interesting Idol Rap Collaborations”. Mika from twin idol duo Mika☆Rika and MC Misaki from idol rap group Rhymeberry form MIKA♡MISA. The track is a bouncing jazzy number meant to brighten up your winter day. Really, I love both groups to pieces, so this collaboration does …

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New PV Alert: Tsuri Bit – My Victory

Tsuri Bit’s latest digital single won’t be released until February 1, 2017, but the promotional video is already here. “My Victory” starts with the girls leaving class after a particularly demoralizing assignment – a career assessment. After making their way outdoors they meet … well, a freaking dude. Decked in …

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New PV Alert: Gang Parade – Plastic 2 Mercy

I understand you may have misgivings about Gang Parade releasing the Pla2me song “Plastic 2 Mercy” yet again. This time, the song is a transitional single to the group’s seven-member lineup. The song is insistent as ever with its driving beats, distorted keyboard sounds, and pleading melodies. The promotional video …

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