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New PV Alert: Perfume – If you wanna

Let’s talk some Perfume today. For their new single promotional video A-chan, Kashiyuka and Nocchi start with a digital bath floating as if supported by bit streams. Even if that digital womb doesn’t last long visually, we get constant reminders of zeros and ones through the pixel architecture of the …

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New PV Alert: Negicco – Tomodachi ga inai!

The latest promotional video from Negicco presents us with an anime of people banding together to fight the loneliness through camaraderie. Naturally, three are better than just one, so “Tomodachi ga inai!” reminds us to come together right now on the hill. Naturally, the musical offerings from the group feels …

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New PV Alert: PiGU – DAY

PiGU might have just encapsulated the entire experience of a new idol fan with their new promotional video “DAY”. This eight minute short file from from the PiGU duo follows our young hero up the stairs and into the POP iD Café. On stage at the café is PiGU, of …

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