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New PV Alert: moumoon – One Time

Just what are moumoon doing on the New PV Alerts? Well, the long lived group feels like it fits in with the other non-idol material you might be noticing here at New School Kaidan. Besides, the group consistently delivers some great music that I think you’d enjoy. This particular piece …

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New PV Alert: elfloat – Ookami shounen

“Ookami shounen (オオカミ少年)”, the latest promotional video from the fantasy idol trio elfloat puts the girls in the dramatically lit basement space for a rock influenced arrangement that proves as dramatic as the group. The trio get a couple of wolf outfits, as is the namesake of this song. First …

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New PV Alert: PiXMiX – Raise the sail!

From their freshly release debut single “Sonosaki e”, PiXMiX rlease a promotional video for their coupling track “Raise the sail!”. The nautical theme probably fits perfectly with the images captured in the PV. The girls get their best performance outfits wet with a trip to the a windswept beach and …

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