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Impressions: STEP&GO/Candy Room

Welcome back to another audio “Impressions”. In this installment, I attempt to review PASSPO’s double A-side release, “STEP&GO/Candy Room” after I recorded the “Impressions” for “Sayonara Crawl” at 7 in the morning… [download] Music: “Borealis” by Chase Lim (13thBeat)   STEP&GO PV: Song:   Candy Room PV: Song:

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Impressions: Jane Doe

Here is the second installment of the audio version of “Impressions”! This time, I share my thoughts on Takahashi Minami’s solo debut, “Jane Doe”. Let us know what you think of this new audio feature in the comments!   [download]   Music: “Borealis” by Chase Lim(13thBeat) PV: Song:  

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