The bread and butter of NSK, The NSK Podcast has been going strong since 2010 and several spin off podcasts and one-offs have been created for different subjects

NSK – [011] JanKen Results

Recorded September 27th, 2010. Dae, Tron, and David talk about the tail end of Tron’s Japan Trip Including AKB48 Janken Results, Ticket Purchases, and Morning Musume Concert. Opening: Watarirouka Hashiritai – Gyu Closing: S/milage – ○○Ganbaranakutemo Eenende!!, Suki-Chan [download]

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NSK – [010] Living the Plan B

Recorded September 21th, 2010. Recorded in Japan during Tron’s Japan Trip. Dae, Tron, and David talk about the first couple days including AKB48 Team B Theater Show, C-ute Concert, and even Tokyo Game Show. Opening: AKB48 Team B- Yuki no Hammer Closing: C-ute – Campus Life (Umarete Kite Yokatta) [download]

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NSK – [008] Tsunku Sings?

Recorded August 30th, 2010. Tron explains to Dae and David who those creepy English lines are coming from. Opening: AKB48 Team B – Tenshi no Shippo Closing:  Koizumi Kyoko – Nantettatte Idol, AKB48 Team B – Idol no Yoake [download]

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