Reviews, impressions, and our thoughts on idol-related releases

Impressions: Sakura Komachi

       PASSPO was one of the more impressive idol groups of last year and I could not wait until their first 2013 release came out. Let me tell you what I think of the newest release, “Sakura Komachi”.  

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Impressions: BiSimulation

Brand-new Idol Society are set to release their next single “BiSimulation” on March 13th and the PV for the song just recently came out. Join Garry as he shares his initial impressions.  

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Impressions: Choco no Dorei

SKE48’s last release, “Kiss Datte Hidarikiki” is quite possibly the weakest SKE48 single to date so I was interested to see what they had in store for us next. Lets dive into their latest release, “Choco no Dorei”!  

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Impressions: Eien Pressure

Come join Chase as he takes you on a journey through the newest AKS release and dives into the latest in a series of strange AKS PVs. Please don’t leave your snide comments and sarcasm at the door.  

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Impressions: Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimitachiyo

Finally! A new single from Momoiro Clover Z! I’ve waited too long for this! Since the start of the year, Momoclo has gotten away from their roots of electro-anime opening theme song style music that we’ve all become accustomed to. Frankly, that is the Momoclo sound that drew most of …

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Impressions: White Angel

It’s time for that new Fairies release you’ve all been waiting for! Nearly four months after their last entry, ‘Tweet Dream/Sparkle’, is Fairies’ latest, ‘White Angel‘. Click below to read on and see how the final installment of Fairies for this year stacks up!

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