Reviews, impressions, and our thoughts on idol-related releases

“Dareka no Sei ni Shinai”: Holy Shit.

We’ve all been very excited since we saw the preview for ‘Dareka no Sei ni Shinai’, a b-side accompanying SKE48’s latest single, ‘Banzai Venus’. The first thing Atron and I discussed after watching the preview was about how it reminded us of Korean music videos. It’s not so common now …

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“Banzai Venus”: Infectious Parade

The PV for Banzai Venus has arrived and it’s hard to ignore: A virus has taken over the town; an inexplicable, contagious disease taking the physical form of SKE48, transforming normal citizens into a mass frenzy of synchronized dance. The entire PV looks like an exercise in expert execution and …

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“Guuzen no Juujiro”: Comfort Food

While a good number of AKB singles have been experimenting with different sounds, we could always count on the Undergirls’ b-sides to provide their staple idol sound we know and love. Simple and safe but catchy and impossible to hate, Undergirls songs have been my idol comfort food since ‘Kimi …

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“Mirai Bowl”: Split Personality Mayhem.

One thing I always loved was Momoiro’s variety in everything they release. “Kaito Shoujo”, “Pinky Jones”, “Coconuts”, and “Kimi to Sekai” have completely different sounds, each paired with equally unique PVs. Of all the up and coming idol groups, Momoiro Clover’s over-the-top antics, fresh faces, and disarming charisma has them …

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