Summer Wars: review

For the past decade, Hosoda Mamosu has proved himself to be a very capable director.  He debuted with a Digimon short film, ‘Digimon Adventure’, followed by a longer Digimon feature ‘Our War Game’.  I remember seeing both films in grade school and being captivated by their unique visual style.  I’ve …

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Evangelion 2.22: Review

The year of 2007 fulfilled every fan-boy’s dreams with an announcement that a remake would be made of the epic saga known as Neon Genesis Evangelion.  Things could not have sounded better: the creator of the series, Hideaki Anno, would reprise his role after more than a decade to direct …

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K-ON!: Review

After surveying all the titles, I came across one I heard of: ‘K-ON!’.  There was a big buzz around it when it came out, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with this one.  It follows a group of girls united by a music club, and presents the trials of …

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