Tell Tron He’s Crazy

During the last Japan trip, I took Tron to an Idol show and one of the groups we happened upon was this EDM group called 2o Love to Sweet Bullet (pronounced To Love To Sweet Bullet). That night they played about 6 songs, two of which, BABY KISS and Halloween …

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As jingling keys and the ticks of an antique clock underline this track, there is a powerful force pushing the song onward, not unlike time itself. It’s no secret that ROOM 24-7 (BELLRING Girls Heart), in both song and PV, conjures musings of melancholy and approaching mortality that many would …

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Balancing life and idols

Hello readers. My name is Serrina and I am a content creator and correspondent at New School Kaidan. I am currently nineteen years old studying media and film at University of California, Riverside. Some of you may know me on Twitter or in real life as the nugget who is incredibly …

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