NSK Eats: The NSKandy Podcast

The long awaited sequel to the Enneggskay Podcast has finally arrived, and this time we’re talking about candy! Fruit candy vs chocolate candy, hard candy vs chewy, butterfingers vs candy corn, S-Tier candy and endangered candy— all this and much more in today’s podcast of NSKonfectionery. [Download] Twitter Links: Dae’s …

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Getemono Ryori

At lunch yesterday, the head cook at the restaurant I’m working at pulled out a rather suspicious looking plate. It didn’t match the curry and chicken lunch he made for the staff, so I inquired as to what the segmented pieces were. He said they were some sort of insect …

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Hi-Chew. My Chew. IU?

Most of us know and love Hi-Chew; a starburst-like, fruit-flavored candy from Japan, manufactured by Morinaga.  Then there’s My Chew, a starburst-like, fruit-flavored candy from Korea, by Crown. I got a couple packages of this My Chew candy from a friend who recently visited Korea; and while it’s not as …

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