48 groups like AKB, SKE, NMB.

It’s Treacherous Scandal Tuesday!

Things seem to be stirring in AKB, and it’s not good news. AKB’s Mori Anna and Oba Mina’s personal blogs have apparently been discovered, with evidence of some rule-breakage, at least in the past. Mori Anna’s entries revealed that she had a boyfriend at least for two years before joining, …

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For your comprehensive pleasure. . .

Here for the first time in NSK … our very own English  sub, AKB48’s Flying Get PV! FG[Eng Sub] by BeatSherlock We hope to bring you more translations to come your way as times and single releases allow (done in-house and hardsubbed for ease of viewing!). Enjoy, let us know …

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Idol Digest – AKBINGO! #147 (08.10.2011)

08.03.2011 – AKBINGO! #147 [Link] Sada screams, “Time Pressure Burger Battle Shop!!!”, kicking off this week’s ‘AKBINGO!’ episode. These burger-themed word games based on Taboo and Pictionary are always fun, and reveal how each member handles the pressure. The orange Boss-burger Team consists of Kasai Tomomi, Shimada Haruka, Iwasa Misaki, …

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The Newly Opened ‘Not Yet’ Store is Shiny

Not Yet’s official online store is open and ready for your money! The swag is pretty basic at the moment: shirts, towels, charms, and a clear-file; but it’s enough to get me excited, especially the t-shirts. It’s simple, sports a contemporary graphic, and they’re all printed with metallic ink that …

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Sundays With Yukirin~

What better way to spend a Sunday (or any day for that matter) than with Kashiwagi Yuki! She’s this week’s Weekly Shonen Sunday feature! Cover                   

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Idol Digest – AKBINGO! #146 (08.03.2011)

08.03.2011 – AKBINGO! #146 [Link] With a rather musical opening, AKBINGO Dodgeball is back; this time with Uchida Mayumi and Iwasa Misaki thrown into the mix, who are participating for the first time! The red team consists of Iwasa Misaki, Uchida Mayumi, Oba Mina, Kasai Tomomi, Kobayashi Kana, Suzuki Mariya, …

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