Can’t Say No To Cute Girls

If you’re a guy, you’ve been in this position before. Some cute girl asks you for favor and you have no choice but to agree. Even if you know she’s not interested in you. Even if you know she’s using you. And especially if you’re going to look like a fool.

Even the famous comedian Matsumoto Hitoshi with his seriousness can’t say no to a bunch of charming idols.

I saw this clip a couple years ago but it was quickly taken off Youtube. I finally came across is again today so I wanted to share it with you guys.

The set up is like this, It’s Matsumoto’s Birthday and members of AKB48 show up to wish him a happy birthday. This was a few years before AKB became a phenomenon but still a lot of B-tier members were used so don’t be alarmed if you see familiar faces. You might be able to pick out Sato Amina, Sato Yukari, Kobayashi Kana, Matsubara Natsumi, or Oku Manami though.

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The segment starts off with a look back on Downtown’s career and AKB showing up to wish Matsumoto a happy birthday. Note that Matsumoto is often referred to as MA-chan during the segment, an adorable little pet name.

The children’s game Hana Ichi Monme is suggested and then begins the fight between the two groups, Team Ribbon and Team Strawberry, about who will get MA-chan on their team.

Matsumoto decides on team Ribbon much to the disappointment of Sato Amina and Team Strawberry.

Hana Ichi Monme is a game which resembles Red Rover. There’s a calling out of a particular person’s name and there’s supposed to be a game and team changing for losing members. But they never get to that here as they just do the first part of the song while calling out, “We want MA-chan.” The other team responding with “Well, you can’t have him.”

The next game they play is Oshikura Manjuu which isn’t as pervy as it’s represented during the segment. It’s supposed to be a children’s game, played on cold days where kids push back and forth absorbing each others shoves. This shows their toughness in not crying while getting pushed around but also causes the children to be warmed up by the movement and physicality. Of course in this AKB version it’s a bit warped as the girls are just pushing Matsumoto with their butts while changing the last line to NYAN NYAN with a cat gesture.

I still found the entire segment to be hilarious when I first saw it just because of the look on Matsumoto as he’s trying to keep a straight face through all of the ridiculousness.

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