Bloody Idols!!

So what does it take for our sugary sweet innocent idol groups to break in and steal the fans of a hardcore male dominated ultra manly genre like say Pro Wrestling, well let me break it down for you.

You take 5 girls who know how to take it to the limit and the break that limit into a million pieces, then you release a song with biker girls

Then you take that one step farther, and have them show their knowledge on hardcore fighting scene, having them pick their K-1 Champion


Then you release a song that takes the cute and quirkiness of idols and combine the knee strike of the current K-1 Champion Alistair Overeem and make one of the songs of the year for idols


Then you have your catch phrases copied by Wrestlers and their songs incorporated into their routines.


and the result well I’ll just let the pictures talk for themselves





























So you need a Panda mask, some really awesome face paint, and next you add in,





















So you make sure your girls don’t take any thing from anyone,








Also make sure they never back down from big scary guys in spandex.


And there you have it, your sugary sweet innocent idols have broken in and stolen the manly wrestling fans, and turned them into manly idol fans, you can’t get any better than that.

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