‘Beginner’ ships with a ‘DV’ instead of ‘PV’?

Am I seeing this right?  THIS is what’s going to be shipped to me on the DVD accompanying the Beginner single instead of the original PV?

Please tell me it isn’t.  It’s just clips of the dancing scenes from the original PV, with spliced-in video and audio from a making-of featurette.  It’s not a PV, it’s not a making-of; it’s some mutant breed of the two, and it’s not very attractive. The title is ‘cleverly’ edited to say “Beginner Dance Version”, as if we’d confuse this to be the real PV.

Another thing that’s laughably bad is that the ‘making-of’ clips they put in have been put through the “Big Three” of video filter clichés. They first put them through the “SEPIA BROWN FILTER”, then through a “PINHOLE CAMERA FILTER”, and last but not least, it goes through the “ANTIQUE FILM FILTER”. Nice try, but it does nothing except fuel my disappointment about this release as far as the music video goes.

Even conspiracy theories have arisen because something like this is almost too ridiculous. Some say these entire string of events were carefully and deliberately orchestrated in order to create more buzz; others say that this lackluster ‘replacement’ video was AKS’s way to stick it to King Records for shutting down the PV.

AKBingo’s Dance shot versions featuring the 6 different center-girl formations looked much better than that, and these videos were only meant to be secondary material:

All this seems to be a product of fear. Fear of blacklash from people who find videogame violence offensive? Jesus, I think this thing they’re passing off as a replacement for the PV is even more-so. Sure, maybe the bigwigs saved their asses, but at what cost?

I’m not trying to say that my disappointment lies solely in good-willed virtues like promoting the right to creative freedom and fighting the evils of censorship. I DO want to see this PV because I enjoy watching violence, and I think the original concept is for lack of a better word, really really cool. I saw this as a great buzz-generator, and a chance to really surprise people. It seemed to be a perfect complement to Heavy Rotation’s PV, but no more. What a bummer.

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