Awe Crap…

LMAObrigade sent me a recommendation for a TV Drama to watch. It all started with him mentioning Kutsuna Shiori, who was the center for Pocky commercials for a while. The ones with Orange Range – Oshare Banchou as the song.

I looked into the show and also immediately recognized Kojima Haruna of AKB48 who plays a small role.  The show is  called Mei-chan no shitsuji (Mei’s Butler). I was immediately hook in by the show about an all girls school and their butlers who serve them. It’s a little hard to explain the story in a blog post, but I can assure you, it’s good. 

It’s only ten episodes long but here I am watching episode five. They are hour long episodes so yeah….

There goes my night of getting things done.

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  1. Sounds… Interesting. I’m gonna check it out.

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