Contributor to New School Kaidan, idol fan TheNumber244 gets tickled mainly by Hello! Project. A former musician and full-time nerd, he calls Los Angeles his home. TheNumber244 is waiting for the day someone calls him "senpai".

New PV Alert: Jyu Jyu – Kuro Ito

The group that creeped me out with its series of first person murders comes back with a haunted mansion of a promotional video. With blacks and frills, Jyu Jyu present a more conventional promotional video that still retains the macabre that I’ve grown to love. Mirrors are possessed, picture frames …

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New PV Alert: callme – Bring You Happiness

callme’s 4th single release has a March 22, 2017 release date and gleaming new promotional video. “Bring you happiness” features the threesome in a strange fabricated set with color pallet stacks and sugar cube-like boxes with the group’s name painted boldly and, strangely, roughly. From the short preview, callme dabbles …

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New PV Alert: Tokyo Girls’ Style – predawn

Tokyo Girls’ Style’s “predawn” certainly fits the bill with shots of the foursome dancing on a rooftop at the titular time-of-day. All of these outdoor shots are vignetted to heighten the effect and make those orange creamsicle sunrises really pop. Clad in crushed pink velvet, the group’s choreography remains sharp …

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New PV Alert: Dream Ami – Hayaku Aitai

As far as pure pop goes, you won’t really get much better than the 4th release from Dream Ami. Don’t expect anything bombastic or jarring from this release; the melody rules this straightforward arrangement. With her strong vocals, “Hayaku Aitai” goes beyond the limitations of the song’s composition. Visually, we …

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Nothing says “isolation” quite like a winter’s denuded forest, right? In the promotional video release for their second album “Deathless”, NECRONOMIDOL summon’s H.P. Lovecraft’s giant of the snow and ice. The song is much livelier than the group’s last release “psychopomp” with a roughly metal instrumentation augmented with some spooky …

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