Contributor to New School Kaidan, idol fan TheNumber244 gets tickled mainly by Hello! Project. A former musician and full-time nerd, he calls Los Angeles his home. TheNumber244 is waiting for the day someone calls him "senpai".

New PV Alert: ZOC – Family name

ZOC, the idol group from/including Oomori Seiko gets a debut single with “Family name”. The six memberes of the group get pretty equal screen time as per the concept of the group, and there definitely isn’t much of a feeling of Seiko dominating the visuals. ZOC get ragamuffin outfits with …

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New PV Alert: Oyasumi Hologram – Last scene

A new digital release from Oyasumi Hologram puts the duo under the direction of Kawaguchi Jun for the cliffside promotional video to “Last scene (ラストシーン)”. Oyasumi Hologram sing their parts reclining on the sand with the camera floating cinematically just out of their reach. We have a protagonist involved with …

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New PV Alert: Kai – Moonlight Tokyo

More sounds of the Big 80s from the idol underground comes from former There There Theres and Bellring Shoujo Heart idol Kai. The monosyllabic monikered one offers us “Moonlight Tokyo (ムーンライト・Tokyo)” with the sounds of a drum machine and a vintage blend of strings and bells for its melodic passages. …

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New PV Alert: RUN GIRLS RUN! – Diamond smile

The girls of RUN GIRLS, RUN! have a plan to shape things up in their latest single “Diamond smile (ダイヤモンドスマイル)”. The new opening theme to the TV anime “Kiratsu Purichan second season (キラッとプリ☆チャン)” , whose franchise has also had Wa-Suta on their soundtrack, get an appropriately peppy song to add …

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New PV Alert: Toricago – Kuchibashi

I’ve been looking forward to more looks at Toricago since the group’s impressive debut last year. Boy, do I get a look. Firstly, Torikago get to film in Hong Kong, but the darkly lit promotional video for “Kuchibashi” is probably the opposite from what to expect from idols abroad PV: …

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New PV Alert: RYUTist – Sensitive Sign

When Spring hits, those idols do come out in drove for their latest release, don’t they? That lit bit of editorializing aside, today I have the pleasure of showing to you the latest promotional video from Niigata’s RYUTist, “Sensitive Sign (センシティブサイン)”. The buttery guitar tones that tickle your ears in …

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