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New PV Alert: RYUTist – Kitto, hajimari no kisetsu

My favorite promotional video of the day goes to the Niigata group RYUTist and their latest single “Kitto, hajimari no kisetsu (きっと、はじまりの季節)”. Given ample songwriting muscle from KIRINJI’s Yumiki Erino (弓木英梨乃), the song goes from gentle to powerful in a way that highlights the group’s vocal strengths. The music geek …

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New PV Alert: Icle Girls – Rokutousei

A tenth single for the Fukushima idols as the members trying to persuade reluctant Icle Girl to join their merry band in the stead of the injury struck . “Rokutousei (ロクトウセイ)” seems like it has cinematic aspirations because it is the theme song to the movie “Sakura Concerto” starring the …

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New PV Alert: moumoon – One Time

Just what are moumoon doing on the New PV Alerts? Well, the long lived group feels like it fits in with the other non-idol material you might be noticing here at New School Kaidan. Besides, the group consistently delivers some great music that I think you’d enjoy. This particular piece …

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