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New PV Alert: SAKA-SAMA – Owari Kara

TRASH-UP!! Delivers another winner here with the idol foursome SAKA-SAMA. The intro of the girls in bipedal transit over a gradually building instrumental builds anticipation for the dream pop guitars of the musical arrangement. Guitars drip like honey under the SAKA-SAMA’s harmonized vocals and the drums pound steady like we …

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New PV Alert: mistress – affair

Things take a disturbing turn for mistress in their latest promotional video “affair”. Things start out looking fluffy with the girls acting roles as a cooking show chef, a television reporter covering a local shopping arcade, and … well a television viewer. Given the pace and the aggressive arrangement of …

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New PV Alert: BiSH – JAM

Your new promotional video from BiSH is all sorts of sweetness: no one is set on fire, no one is sprayed with refuse, and there’s definitely no homicide. The concept is pretty simple: the members of BiSH sent out into the wild to meet one person they admire. You have …

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New PV Alert: AOP – Maboroshi Wink

Back for more Osomatsu-san action? Well, AOP have your second opening theme song with “Maboroshi Wink”, and they’ve brought AOP ZERO along to help with them. The promotional video has a bit of a murder mystery to it, sort of like Mystery Inc. getting scared before finding that one brink …

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New PV Alert: Metropolis – Metrogirl

Is this what the underground is meant to look like? Metropolis looks like it’s inspired both from the underground idol scene and from its sci-fi namesake by Fritz Lang. Futuristic metallic skirts with color-keyed accessories interchange with school uniforms and pajamas throughout the PV to give us a variety of …

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