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New PV Alert: Kus Kus – Ecomuninication

After a lengthy absence, Kus Kus finally release a single and promotional video! 1.5 years after their last release “Sayonara ni negai wo“, the 6th single “Ecommunication” continues the light and cute electronic sound and image Kus Kus have cultivated for the 6 years. The heart (and meat!) of “Ecommunication …

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New PV Alert: Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Ashita mo kitto 70-ten feat. Shinonome Megu

Featuring virtual YouTuber Shionome Megu, Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku present more looks at their new album “MUSiC with the promotional video for “Ashita mo kitto 70-ten feat. Shinonome Megu (明日もきっと70点 feat.東雲めぐ)”. Told through views of the members video framed like a the members’ individual perspectives, the promotional video has a distinctive …

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New PV Alert: Keyakizaka46 – Kuroi Hitsuji

Piano strains start the new promotional video from Keyakizaki46, “Kuroi Hitsuji (黒い羊)”. The one-take style video gives the stylized narrative of bullying. The camera pans between scenes of center Hirate Yurina alternatingly embracing and being pushed away by the other members. Yes, “Black Sheep” is that kind of black sheep. …

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New PV Alert: AKB48 – Jiwaru DAYS

“Jiwaru DAYS”, the 55th single from AKB48, is a goodbye to member Sashihara Rino, who probably means more to the franchise at this point than any single member. With a studio decorated with outfits of singles past, Sashihara at center, and a compliment of girls in pure white, we get …

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New PV Alert: Oomori Seiko – VOID

For additional support for her latest, Oomori Seiko gives us a lively song to compliment the keyboard arrangements of “Zettai Kanojo”. “VOID” features clips of the artist through a set of live performances and rehearsals to give us a flavor of the mania of her set. We get ab uptempo …

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New PV Alert: CY8ER – Dead boy, Dead girl

The first of three monthly singles from CY8ER hits the airwaves with the release of “Dead boy, Dead girl (デッドボーイ、デッドガール)”. The familiar sounds of songwriter/composer Yunomi inhabits the song as it breaks from sleeping to waking sounds. The five girls put leader Rinahamu to bed (I mean REALLY to bed), …

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