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New PV Alert: BaBooBee – Right Now!

After posting nonstop images of herself and her bass guitar progress, former PASSPO☆ member Masui Mio finally makes her move with the release of her new group BabooBee’s debut promotional video “Right Now!”. And, it’s right now indeed! Playing a pop punk arrangement that probably wouldn’t sound so out of …

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New PV Alert: Sakura Ebis – 214

“214”, the new promotional video from Sakura Ebis takes a cinematic view of their recent (and first) overseas trip to Taiwan. Sweeping camera views of high rises and verdant green hills start off the PV before we see shots of the girls in regular clothes out and about the city. …

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New PV Alert: Star☆T – Gotochi song

For their eighth single, the girls from Toyota City, Aichi experiment with 60fps video around their hometown. “Gotochi song (ご当地ソング, Local song)” gives Star☆T more chances to give outsiders a look at Toyota City through the eyes of the locals. The melody features a chorus that sounds like bubbles effervescing …

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From their Mini Album “GIRL ver.01”, the nine member lineup of MONSTER GIRLFRIEND get an electronic melody in their track “GAM”. The instrumental accompaniment never hits too hard and prefers to play with tones that stay on the lighter side of the keyboards with a Eastern flavored melody. Shot in …

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New PV Alert: Aimyon – Yumeoi Bengal

From Aimyon’s 2nd album, the recently release “Shunkanteki Sixth Sense”, we get a promotional video for the album track “Yumeoi Bengal (夢追いベンガル, Dream Chaser Bengal)”. Fused together from footage of the singers most recent live life on the road, “Yumeoi Bengal” looks a lot like a tour diary of the …

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