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New PV Alert: HAMIDASYSTEM – Semi no Koe

From their debut single “DERO”, the HAMIDASYSTEM foursome release the promotional video for their song “Semi no Koe”. With a tag line of “Melodic Electronica”, you probably would expect something more along the lines of dance grooves, but HAMIDASYSTEM mixes the electronic instruments with some solid acoustic sounding beats to …

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From the “SLAYER” version of their freshly released “DAWNSLAYER” single, the spookiness of NECRONOMIDOL bring you the promotional video for their track “ABHOTH”. The PV features fan shot footage from their September 16, 2017 “Shironuri Hyakki Yakou”. The rainy day brought out the white face makeup to the streets and …

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New PV Alert: predia – Ms.Frontier

Predia’s latest creation maintains the group’s status as mature-themed idols with steamy shots of the girls in workout mode. To begin with, the screen images are partitioned and manipulated through each shot of the promotional video, moving the eye’s focus around the screen. The color drained shots of the girls …

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