Contributor to New School Kaidan, idol fan TheNumber244 gets tickled mainly by Hello! Project. A former musician and full-time nerd, he calls Los Angeles his home. TheNumber244 is waiting for the day someone calls him "senpai".

New PV Alert: Usaroid – Mero Mero D

The last time we saw Usaroid here, the girls were kicking around their wota at a picnic in “Bukiyou Wave“. This time Mayuri, Yuuna, and Shoko get their chorography done on a beautifully wide meadow land with the forests all around them. The red and white performance outfits look striking …

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Here’s something that’s pure cuteness. You might remember YENA☆ from back in July with their promotional video for “Fly High“. “NEW STORY” is the coupling track from that release, and it’s pure saccharine. I mean that as a positive. The promotional video is more of a choreography video with the …

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New PV Alert: Ame to Kanmuri – ready

molm’o’mol (Koutei Camera Girl) releases an album under the name Ame to Kanmuri, and the results as evidenced by “ready” are astounding. The grooves are groovy and lend an intriguing ambience with its sparse yet spacious instrumentation. molm’o’mol raps over the track with a slight rasp to the ends of …

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New PV Alert: FRUiTY – Hyper Body

Hokkaido idol group FRUiTY get up with a new single. “Hyper Body” features the girls on stage with a live band for some close up performance action. When you’re a band guy like me, you always want to know whether the performance is live: it is not. It doesn’t particularly …

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New PV Alert: SCANDAL – Koisuru Universe

Ah, a universe of love. SCANDAL’s first foray into digital-only releases bears a song that sounds like it will be killer live. Mami’s sharply punctuated guitar leads and Rina’s drive lend boundless energy to Haruna’s meditation on love’s magnetic attraction. “Koisuru Universe” also keeps the group’s streak of visually appealing …

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