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New PV Alert: STU48 – Kurayami

STU48’s first single is set for release, and you get a good luck at the corresponding promotional video! “Kurayami” puts the girls on the Setouchi for some stunning ocean shots during the group dance scenes. In their sailor fuku, the girls take a few dramatic turns along the sea wall …

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New PV Alert: Kamiyado – Hoshizora kaerimichi

Less spastic than their also recently released “KMYD“, Kamiyado’s “Hoshizora kaerimichi” puts the members on a long walk home under a starry sky. Rather than their traditional bright and colorful outfits, the girls split their time in regular (stylishly coordinated) clothes and beautiful white dresses. The member shots are done …

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New PV Alert: Kamiyado- KMYD

New Kamiyado promotional videos hit us on Christmas day, which makes “KMYD” a Christmas present for us, right? Perhaps coincidentally, the members of Kamiyado spend the PV playing around with some toys like a puzzle cube, sparklers, and a kendama. “KMYD” provides plenty of appeal time for each of the …

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New PV Alert: Kikkawa You – DISTORTION

Kikkawa You’s 12th single release puts an emotional spin on the singer’s sound. Images of You sitting alone at cafes and looking deeply into the sunset at the crossing of anywhere and nowhere streets definitely put a “lost generation” spin on the song. Broken love haunts “Distortion”, as also does …

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