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New PV Alert: Avandoned – Margaret

Well, what’s happened since you last checked in with Avandoned? For starters, the group has adopted the English spelling of the group name officially (あヴぁんだんど -> avandoned). Even more striking: with the graduation of Kotori Katao leaving Usakura Beni feeling abandoned (yet again), Avandoned recruited new members and continue with …

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Embarrassingly, I’m getting to this BiSH promotional video release two weeks after its release. Even more embarrassing, “DiSTANCE” is the lead track on the 3rd album “CARROTS and STiCKS”. Well, we can fix that with a few clicks, can’t we? Heavily processed in red and with wind-blown hair seeming like …

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New PV Alert: Hinatazaka46 – Doremisorashido / Kitsune

Hinatazaka46 – Doremisorashido Hinatazaka46 – Kitsune Hinatazaka46 get their second single off the ground with a pair of promotional videos for “Doremisorashida (ドレミソラシド)” and “Kitsune (キツネ)”. The A-side promotional video “Doremisorashido” brings the characteristic sunniness of the group’s theme to the play on familiar the solmization of the C major …

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New PV Alert: Chu-Z – Baribarinrin

The party rock of Chu-Z gets a new release with the quickly paced beats of “Baribarinrin (ばりばりんりん)”. The girls get a transformation from their alter egos to long coat wearing Chu-Z wota crazies via a transmission from a bow-tie wearing mister. From here the girls keep enlisting folks to their …

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