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NSKaptions #02

We’re back with another instalment of NSKaptions. After a reasonably successful first run last week we figured we’d give the community another image to caption. If this feature proves popular enough we might make it a regular Friday thing. As for last week’s Kaptions, you can find them here. I …

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NSK 107 – Sign Language Kung-Fu

Recorded August 9th, 2012. Opening: First Rabbit – AKB48 Ending: Mikan – Morning Musume [download] Twitter Links: Tron’s Twitter – atr0n Dae’s Twitter – newschooldae Anthony’s Twitter –yoshizumitime New School Kaidan’s Twitter – newschoolkaidan

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NSKaptions #01

We here at New School Kaidan are always finding all manner of idol pictures that just beg to be captioned. However, we don’t have nearly enough time in the day so we’re opening it up to the community as a fun little feature on the site. It’s pretty simple; look …

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This Week in Music 08.08.2012

August continues on with a steady stream of new singles for our enjoyment. This week sees yet another release from AKS (you’d think they’d have gotten bored by now) as well as a very rare sighting of Idoling!!! Read on to find out what I think about what’s coming out …

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What Makes The Music We Love

Although I have to rely on translations to understand idol music, I believe there is certain brilliance to the lyrical content in this genre. Depending on the group, they frequently talk of themes that people of all ages can easily relate to. Idol fans are usually young males but the …

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Community Article: Idols and You

Thanks to community member missingno15 for submitting this article. If you too would like to submit an article to be posted on the site please express your interest via the contact form at the top of the page or by messaging me on Twitter @Mage77 The birth of this article …

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