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Hey folks, it’s Yoshi. I know you haven’t seen me around on the site recently but I am back with a brand new show. Scheduling conflicts have forced me out of the usual podcast position(I’m an old man, I need to be in bed by midnight. I’m exaggerating but not really). So, I am proud to announce, “Evening Show With NSK”. It’ll feature Garry, Chase, any other NSK staffer available, and myself. Of course you can be a part of the show by calling us on Skype. Add “newschoolkaidan” on Skype to call in. Feel free to call in whenever after the show starts by messaging the Skype account and we will phone you in when we are ready to do so.

It’ll be a super casual radio talk show type of thing with a couple of different segments. We will discuss stuff we liked/disliked in recent events in a section called “Hype or Gripe”, where we discuss PVs, songs, covers, news, etc that either made us hype or made us gripe.

Another section of the show will involve community discussion topics and questions. The first will be called, “Sansei or Not Sansei”. Where we will read off user submitted statements and decide if we agree or disagree with it. The other community submission focused section is, “Ask NSK” where we discuss questions sent in through Submit your “Sansei or Not Sansei” statements or “Ask NSK” questions to Submissions will close Thursday nights so it gives us at least a day to think about the answer.

The plan is to have the show every Friday night around 6-8 PM EST. If scheduling changes occur, you will be notified through our twitter account.

This show is all about community participation so the more you put in, the more you get back! Let’s have some fun!


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  1. Very cool.

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