anime expo 2010 ends

oh anime expo.  you’ve delivered and failed in so many ways.  one would think that you, with around 2 decades of experience and a huge place like the LA convention center, could create a streamlined experience but i suppose it’s just too big for you.  even so, it was exhilarating and fun; i can develop a taste for such conventions as long as they have interesting things to provide.  i’ll save my thoughts for the podcast,  for now i’ll just display what i spent my money on in the last 4 days.

and somehow…

damn it she’s cute.

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  1. ahhh fuck I thought you completed your Sayumi Set?

  2. hahah yea, i didn’t realize till i got home that i had 2 of the same red sayumi photo cards. YOU WOULDN’T HAPPEN TO HAVE THE OTHER ONE WOULD YOU?

  3. Haha I actually do. I will send it your way sometme soon.

  4. my glorious, handsome, generous man with a heart of gold, thank you atron.

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