And Then My Dreams Were Crushed

This is easily one of the best Idol Performances I’ve ever seen. Dae shared this link with me earlier today and I haven’t been able to stop watching it since.

The combination of the song, venue, and crowd make it a joy to watch. The fans are into it. The large screen in the back seems to always have the perfect image displayed. I even love Reni’s (Purple) mess up starting the song off. I can’t help but laugh alongside her. Then without skipping a beat the crowd goes right into their lines.

For those moments while the video played, my dreams ran wild. One where a group of girls with differing personalities became a huge success. Momoiro Clover rode the recent wave AKB created and exploded into the newest Idol sensation. I became a true believer. I was excited about the future of Idol Music. The torch doesn’t need to be passed along just yet, but I felt safe knowing that there was someone waiting in the wings.

And then…My Dreams Were Crushed.

I was rudely awakened by the realization that this wasn’t going to be THAT group of girls. Not anymore. This concert was Christmas Eve. A few months before Blue announced her departure.

The seconds are ticking down. Akari Hayami is leaving the group. What do we have, a mere few months? That’s barely enough time. Sure, Momoiro Clover could still go on to become the next big thing. Maybe they’ll get another color, another Blue, or even carry on without one. But in the back of my mind, I won’t be able to help but feeling that missing part.

The tall odd one. The halfie. The one that rapped. The color Blue. The same color as the sky where my dreams were able to float off into.

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