And The Team 4 Captain is…

AKB48’s Team 4 just about confused everybody when it was revealed. Why ‘Team 4’? Is it an official 4th team, equal to team A, K, and B? Is there going to be a ‘Team 8′? Doesn’t this destroy the ’48’ girls idea it was founded from?

Well, given this new announcement, it’s looking more and more like a full-fledged team than something temporary, as the position of ‘team captain’ was given out at the Seibu Dome concert. It has turned out to be no other than Oba Mina; a choice that seemed strange to me at first, but found it pretty easy to accept. She’s got quite the fanbase, and being the oldest member of Team 4, she also seems very responsible.

Team 4 is also getting more fleshed out, as Abe Maria and Iriyama Anna have been promoted from research students to full Team 4 members. I mistook Abe Maria as a Team 4 member for a while because of how often she appeared, so as far as I’m concerned, she’s already part of the family. I know less about Iriyama, but I look forward to any new members. Once Team 4 gets to capacity and becomes cemented as a team more than a floaty idea, I think there could be an exciting future for these girls.


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