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In the sea of the current idol boom, if you look hard enough you will sometimes spot a diamond in the rough. While 90% of idol groups are split into only girl or boy groups, the group that we will be featuring today has been breaking those stereotypes for a while now.

Okay ladies and gentleman, I’ll try not go all National Geographic documentary-style on you for the rest of this article, I promise! But anyways, let’s start.

Today’s group are Dream5, an Avex Trax label group which was founded by a television show “Tensai Tenrebi-kun MAX” in 2009, who held an auditions for both vocalists and dancers of any gender. The final result introduced us to Dream5’s current line-up which is made up of four girls and one boy – Shigemoto Kotori (Leader / Lead Vocalist), Tamakawa Momona (Dancer), Takano Akira (Dancer), Hibi Mikoto (Lead Vocalist) and Ohara Yuuno (Dancer).

Did I mention that there’s one boy? Nope, you are not going crazy at all. This is the “diamond” I mentioned in the beginning, being a co-ed group. It may look odd at first to anyone who’s getting to know the group but it’s one of many things which sets this group apart. They are such a talented bunch and I’ve had the honor to watch them improve and grow up over the years. They have formed such a great chemistry in terms of both vocals and dancing.


When it comes to dramatic of the group as a whole, they never take themselves seriously, always showing nothing but endless energy and smiles on their faces. That type of flow shines through from each of the members. Kotori and Mikoto are known as being the main viewpoint of the group due to their powerhouse vocals. The dancers however are just as important. Each one brings a different style to the table with any choreography, Momoka with her smooth flow in her movement while Akira presents the masculine edge of the group, and then you have Yuuno who balances her fierce power to tie everything together.

Dream5 has released over 12 singles, 2 mini albums and their 1st full album which was released in late December 2013. Some of their singles, you might have heard in two popular Japanese anime (“Tamagotchi!!” and “Yo-Kai Watch“). One of their most successful singles, “Break Out! / Youkai Taisou Daiichi” is a prime example of their two sides and styles.

“Break Out”

This is the first track from Dream5’s most current single. It represents their mature, cool and natural style which displays each of their skills and talents. It also shows, as I explained before, the flow, strength and bond that they share with one another. Also on display are Kotori and Mikoto’s great blend of vocals, which you hear in every single. Another thing that most people don’t notice is that Momona, Akira and Yuuno provided background vocals for this track, which shows not only are they skilled dancers, but that they have vocal ability as well. You can also spot their vocals in other coupling tracks and singles.

“Youkai Taisou Daiichi”

This last track is from the same single and shows their cute, playful, yet fun side. It also shows the group’s diversity with any song they are given. Though this MV is very silly, it’s clear to see that they are having fun and enjoying the choreography they’re performing.

Last but not least, I wanted to share my all-time favorite single to you!


This song truly shows all of the elements that makes me love Dream5 so much. This song reflects each of the members’ personalities, highlights all of their talents, the group’s way of “letting lose” and again the strong bond which unites them.

I hope that you will all give Dream5 a good old college try. I can’t stress this enough, you will surely not be disappointed with any of their performances.

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