An Interview with Roli Angels at Japan Expo L.A.

An Interview with Roli Angels at Japan Expo L.A.

Anime Idols are extremely popular right now and there is one thing that I often hear regarding them from fans, I wish they were real so I could see them perform live and actually get to meet them? That’s is where 2.5D Idol groups come in, bridging the gap between 2D and 3D Idols, groups such as Roli Angels.

Roli Angels is a 2.5D Idol group based out of Nagoya, Japan. The group has three members, going by the names Roli, Lemon, and Shake. Formed on June 5th of 2013, the group has released an album in January of 2015 and a single on August of 2015. Roli Angel’s Lives are composed of original songs and anime songs, primarily Vocaloid, hence their Vocaloid themed outfits. 2015 has seen the group setting their sights overseas, with Lives planned in Jakarta, Taiwan, New York, and Los Angeles. It was here at Japan Expo LA where we were able to get an interview with Roli Angels.

Please introduce yourselves.

Together: We are Roli Angels!

Roli: I’m Roli.

Lemon: I’m Lemon.

Shake: I’m Shake.

Roli: Last night, we performed a live at Japan Expo. Today, we are waiting at our booth! Is everyone watching us? Yay!

What is each member’s charm point?

Roli: My charm point is this pink bob hair. Please remember this hair and support Roli. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Lemon: Lemon’s charm point is my forever smile! Everyone, please support this smile!

Shake: Shake’s charm point is these buns and, to make everyone laugh, a weird face! (Makes a weird face)

An Interview with Roli Angels at Japan Expo L.A.

What is this group’s concept?

Roli: We, Roli Angels, are 2.5-D idols. We came out of anime to become idols. In addition, we are family idols. From little children to even big adults, “everyone can enjoy us” is our concept.

Which animes or idols do you like?

Roli: My favorite anime is Chibi Maruko Chan and my favorite idol is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Lemon: My, Lemon’s, favorite anime is Dragonball Z and my favorite idol is AKB48’s Mayuyu-san.

Shake: My favorite anime is [Puella Magi] Madoka Magica and my favorite idol is SKE48’s Matsui Rena-chan.

What is Roli Angels’ dream?

Roli: To become world famous.

Lemon: To be known in Japan of course but also to have support in America, Jakarta, and places other than Japan. We want to be famous all around the world.

What kind of dessert would you want to be and why?

Everyone: Dessert?!

Roli: Shortcake. It’s sweet. It’s white and cute.

Lemon: Lemon wants to become puru puru pudding.

Shake: Shake wants to become dango because it’s round and cute.

An Interview with Roli Angels at Japan Expo L.A.

What are your thoughts on L.A. fans?

Roli: Our first thought is when we participated in Japan Expo, the Los Angeles fans got to know us, talk to us, allow us to experience different things. Yesterday’s live was our biggest memory.

Do you have any last words to your fans?

Roli: To everyone, thank you. We would love for everyone to warmly take care of us. This was-
Together: Roli Angels! Thank you!

An Interview with Roli Angels at Japan Expo L.A.

Roli Angels will be performing in Los Angeles again this weekend at Anison USA (February 20-21)! Check them out if you’re attending the event!

If you wish to learn more about Roli Angels, be sure to check out the following links:

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Interview by Serrina Lam and Zach Keo. Photography by David Chang. Interview edit by Garry Mackenzie.

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