An Idol, A War, A Nuclear Bomb, My Birthday

Yesterday, August 6th  is actually quite a dark day in Japanese history. That is the day that the United States military dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima in Japan. Many people died that day including a member of an idol’s family. Here’s a rough translation of her Google+ post where she discusses her relationship with her great-grandmother and grandmother who were effected by the war and also her mindset when the selection process and results were announced for the 12th and 13th generation members of AKB48 just a few days earlier.

Good evening, everyone!
I was doing a lot of thinking yesterday so I couldn’t fall asleep until about 5 in the morning. I was woken up by a call from my grandmother in Fukuoka at about 7:30. My grandma calls me every year on the morning of August 6th so I don’t forget. Do you guys know what today is? Today is the day when America and Japan were warring and America dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima… My great-grandpa died because of the nuclear bomb. My great-grandma and grandma were in Fukuoka so they were safe but have told me stories about how tough it was after the war. It has been over 50 years… I was born in America so I have dual-citizenship in America and Japan. I’ve been coming and going between Japan and America and have had a place to sleep, clothes to wear and food to eat and have lived happily.

My great-grandma has always been kind to me and when I passed the AKB auditions, she told me, “No matter what country it’s from, what language it’s in, songs have the ability to reach and please the hearts of many people.” After I moved to Tokyo, whenever she calls me, she says, “How are you doing in A.K.B.? I saw a TV show with A.K.B. on it.” and has always supported me. But, last summer my great-grandma passed and joined my great-grandpa. My great-grandma was looking forward to seeing me get promoted. I believe that I was able to pass through the selection this time is because she was watching me from above. When I talked to my grandma, I thought about my great-grandma’s words like when I was happy about passing the selection process or when I was feeling sad thinking about how five members from 13th gen would be walking down a different path. I would like to work my hardest for the people supporting me from heaven. I want to one day make the world a happier place with my singing! I can’t be down on myself! Nene-chan, Sakura-chan, Shiori-chan, Amemiya-chan, Haseharu-chan, we all have the same dreams so our paths will cross once again! I will see you then!

I apologize for such an odd post

I went through school years learning about the war and knowing that my motherland had a part in the war on the “enemy’s” side. It was an awkward history class for sure but I had some insight on the situation as well. My grandfather was in the airforce. Although he was in the airforce, he did not participate in the “kamikaze” tactic and came out of the war alive. He was actually a transport pilot and thought about suicide many times during the war fearing that at any moment, he could be called in to perform the “kamikaze” tactic. He could not go through with his attempts at suicide and somehow survived the war without serious injury.

I wanted to share this specific post mainly because of my personal ties to this particular date(August 6th is in fact my birthday) and my personal investment in the idol industry. Hirata Rina(Hilary) is an interesting case considering the fact that she has dual-citizenship from the United States and Japan. I actually chose to have a U.S. citizenship over my Japanese one when I became an adult. Hilary has always been intriguing to me because her circumstances hits really close to home.

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  1. (August 6th is in fact my birthday)

    ……Fuck happy belated birthday

  2. This subject…….. to tell u the truth, i kinda hate it. In my own selfish way.

    My family in America and in Japan are always fighting over nonsense. Days like these, when America and Japan HAD a conflict, always brings fuel to this fire. So many biased opinions, so many unnecessary conflicts.

    Whenever this day comes, its like… I got alot on my mind but when I sit and think whats wrong, I mind feels blanked.
    My Japanese blood, my American citizenship, things I didn’t held up with pride when I was younger kuz of bickering in my family.

    I know this day has effected many ppl, some have lost loved ones. I’m not aware if i have lost a family member kuz of the war or the bombing, but anything, no matter how shallow or deep it is, see to it that my family from both countries will twist it in a way to fire at the other. And no matter how the world has changed, and the relationship of Japan and America has changed over the years, my family remands in the past. And when I get full of it and expresses my opinions, I get shunned out like a “3rd enemy”.

    I love change, as the world is always changing. I love the world, because people are changing. But there are those who “inherit” the past. My family as a whole, how I wish to see it change (even if its with my own hands)

  3. Happy birthday Anthony, I started to like Hirata Rina because of her big & attractive character, I hope that they give many chances in the near future to prove her self, she is still young.

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