AM2-Con’s “Scandalous” Rollercoaster Ride Finally Comes to an End

In short, SCANDAL has been definitely, indubitably, FINALLY announced as official guests of honor at AM2’s convention in Anaheim, California. They’ve taunted and teased poor SCANDAL fans for months, and they can finally sigh that breath of relief.

AM2 has been releasing musical guests at a painstakingly low pace that only masochists would appreciate, and released SCANDAL as the final musical guest. If you look at this convention’s musical line up— Heidi, KanonxKanon, Sadie, and SCANDAL, it’s a hefty challenge for Anime Expo to match.

It seems like a lot of people are wondering about the success of AM2-Con, but they’ve shown an immense amount of effort and ambition so I’m looking forward to see if their mindset of a better-run, better organized convention will become a tangible reality at their first large-scale debut in a couple months.

Having been to several anime conventions, I feel more prepared than ever, but again, there’s a catch this time. Running at the exact same days as AM2-Con is the behemoth Anime Expo, and I can already tell it’ll be a frantic ride trying to juggle two conventions at once.

But yeah, SCANDAL!!!


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  1. I was getting worried when they took down their Scandalicious Concert hint, but good thing it came through.

    So now who owes who a pizza again? XD

  2. I look forward to more pizza based bets in the future.

  3. Yeeesssssss!

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