All Night NSK 09 – Garry’s Mod: AKB48 Patch v1.0

Recorded June 4th, 2012.


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Dae joins Anthony to try and understand Garry’s views on AKB48.

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  1. Yasusu has such of an attachment to his girls, Senior and Junior, that I dont think in his lifetime we will see forced graduations, especially a mass graduation. But something is going to go in motion this year, especially with the oldest person in the family calling out the Juniors to step up and surpass the Seniors.

    I’m worried about Ponkotsu in the family though….

  2. Just finished listening to the podcast

    I am disappoint….

    Garry didnt blow as much load as I thought he would o.O lmao hahahahahahahaha

  3. I like that ‘graduating all the members rotting in the mid/low tier rankings’ idea. They should’ve done that in 2009. 2009 ranks ~16 or 17 and lower, just get rid of them. Would’ve avoided so many problems XD

  4. I vote for a DnB AKB song.

  5. K needs a new stage. K6 was the first to come out from AKB’s newest stages, so it’s the older. If I recall, it’s older than S3.

    • [2009.10.25 – ] Team S 3rd Stage “Seifuku no Me” (チームS 3rd Stage「制服の芽」)
      [2010.03.12 – ] Team K 6th Stage “RESET” (チームK 6th Stage 「RESET」)

      Yeah, S3 really has been around for that long.

  6. bluedarkness12

    – I do agree with the mass graduation thing. The point of Team 4 when it was created was because there were too many ppl in the group and no one was leaving. Even now with a possible Team 8, there is still too many girls that arent really doing anything. To the thing that Dae said “what about the girls who want to just stay and perform at theater”, Ihave to say these girls have to go. If there are girls at the top who dont wanna leave and you have girls who perform at theater who dont want to leave, is that fair to KKS that are waiting to be members? The girls who want to stay and do theater shows who have been there for a long time should leave and give a chance to the KKS to be official members if the popular girls arent going to leave soon.

    -You could compare DIVA’s music similar to E-girls or Happiness. If person had to choose between AAA or DIVA, they are most likely going to choose AAA. Even though their sound is generic dance Jpop, AAA are one of the few that can do it the best and their songs have a more poppy sound which would gravitate to a person more than a DIVA song.

    -I never did notice the fact that Not Yet songs sounded more like an AKB song.

    – I think there is a greater chance of Japan not getting sick of seeing the same members than getting tired of them. Just look at other things in Japan like the Dragon Quest series. The series is up to 10 and each game is basically the same more or less and Japan still continues to buy the game.

  7. “All the B-Sides blur together”


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