All Night NSK 08 – Getting Deep Into Mitsumune Kaoru

Recorded May 24th, 2012.


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Garry’s Twitter – mage77
Anthony’s Twitter – yoshizumitime

Anthony and Garry sit down to discuss “management pushes” of specific idols(Mitsumune Kaoru, Yokoyama Yui, etc) and try to explain why it happens and how people should react to it.

Kairi’s very detailed forum post on Mitsumune Kaoru

All Night NSK is where we discuss idol topics that we feel deserve more in-depth discussion than the time constraints of the regular show provide. If you have a topic that you would like us to discuss or wish to take part in a show please feel free to leave a comment on this post or use our contact page and put “All Night NSK” in the subject line.

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  1. Thanks for the Thread plug-in :) hehe

    She worked in a maid cafe before the Kobe Collection Auditions. And, Idk if Kaoru is aware of this but that maid cafe she used to work at is using her image to advertise to cafe shop….. lolololol

    An important reason why Kaoru decided to audition for AKB48 was the “Friends amongst rivals” concept . This is something she cherished with her fellow 2011 Kobe Collection finalist, and wanted to have that again. (Plus she admitted she doesn’t have many friends so why not lol)

  2. We need to start the “Dont Hate, Love Idols” Campaign.
    Shirts, articles, shirts, podcasts, shirts, and signs!

    But seriously, Don’t Hate, just Love Idols. You’ll feel better when u do, and you’ll better enjoy this fabulous fandom that we all cherish <3

  3. Yui auditioned for 8th gen? Must have been a blessing in disguise that she got sick. Had she been picked, she could have been wiped off AKB with the rest of 8th gen.

  4. “We should all stop fighting. We are in a niche group. There arent many oversea fans. We shouldnt be fighting between each other”. When it comes to the internet, logic and common sense goes out the window and its all people hating on each other while using caps. The idol fandom itself it not that bad and the reason why I am saying its not that bad is bc I have seen other fandoms.

    – Kpop fandom is ridiculously stupid when it comes to people hating on each other. There are fights between fans of groups over the smallest things especially fwithin big name groups like SNSD or Super Junior. Youtube comments under Kpop videos are laughable when they start fighting with each other.

    -You guys already know how ppl are within Video Games and Anime so there is no reason for me to say anything about that. But Idol fans fighting is pretty miniscule compare to sport fans bc to me, they are on a god level when it comes to hating. When you disagree in sports fandom, you either curse, throw out racist slurs, throw up pics of the Twin Towers blowing up if you are arguing with a New Yorker, or for fun and you want to end a conversation you cant win (talking about 4chan for this one), you throw endlessly amount Child Porn to prove you are right.

    Honesty, majority of these fans dont want to grow and act maturely about idols and that is fine bc I will just ignore them. I am just happy there is a site like this exist and is the opposite of the the senseless bs. Anyways I am glad you guys did this topic and talked about Mitsumune Kaoru. I sent that question about “if a girl with a background in entertainment was to come into AKB and how regular girls can compete” a few weeks ago bc I knew this situation of ppl hating on Karou was going to get worse since it looked like she was going to get pushed a lot more. I am ok with it and not mad at all bc its for the betterment of the group in general. My Oshi is Masuda Yuka so I know what it means for someone not getting pushed.

    Btw, why do ppl hate on Garry so much? This guy is the version of Skip Bayless if Skip were to have actual logic and common sense or maybe Garry is more like a Scott Van Pelt/ Ryen Russilo since they are the only ppl at ESPN who have common sense about anything in sports. But Garry crushes the hopes and dreams of ppl who think irrationally so he is cool with me.

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