All Night NSK 06 – State of SKE48 Address

Recorded April 25th, 2012.


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Anthony and Garry are joined by David to discuss the current and future state of SKE48 and try to squash some rumors and conspiracy theories that 2chan wotas think SKE48 are fighting against.

All Night NSK is where we discuss idol topics that we feel deserve more in-depth discussion than the time constraints of the regular show provide. If you have a topic that you would like us to discuss or wish to take part in a show please feel free to leave a comment on this post or use our contact page and put “All Night NSK” in the subject line.

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  1. Sorry guys. The file up on iTunes right now is the wrong one. The ones posted on this page are correct. I’ll be looking into fixing the file on iTunes.

  2. With the discussion about Jurina and her mom, I think her mother deserves more than some of the blame for Jurina overworking. Im looking at the standpoint of how can I mother continue to let her child continue to overworking herself to the point where she is consistently going to the hospital or having to take sick leaves from the group. When does Jurina’s mother step to tell her “hey maybe you should stop working for a few weeks because you always becoming sick”. If you look at this with any other child star (she is a child star since she is 15) and see a similar situation, people would wonder why isn’t the parents doing anything for their child. I think Jurina is working almost as much as Ashida Mana or more and its a known fact that Ashida is overworked to where she is skipping school/feeling sick and her parents aren’t doing anything about it.

    The amount of variety shows that SKE48 has been on is a joke compared to how many sales they are selling. Even SDN48 were on more variety shows than SKE and they weren’t even being promoted that well. I think even if a show may just want a AKB member, as long as they take someone with the name “48” attached to the group name, im pretty sure they will still get some good ratings. The issue brought up on how if they would to choose a SKE member for a show and it would be hard to pick one, I think you should just randomly choose from the popular members and see what happens. I watch a good portion of shows like “Run for Money” or “Nozokoti Battle Tore” and there have been many guests where it would have been better off if they weren’t there. I doubt that if you chooseat random like Kato Rumi or Hata Sawako they would be as bad as some of these guest comedies and artists that appears on these shows.

  3. what do you think if the JKY48 and SNH48 or TPE48 someday will get in the selection ranking man. Just my opinion

  4. I just want to add that I find it puzzling that Jurina wasn’t assigned to any talent agency when Rena, Kumi and Akane did. I mean, why wouldn’t talent agencies want to recruit SKE’s ace…

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