All Night NSK 05 – Laying Down the Aces on the Center of the Table

Recorded March 2nd, 2012.


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Anthony’s Twitter – Monkeyto

We have another guest on the show! Anthony and Garry are joined by Anthony(monkeyto), all the way in Japan to discuss the future centers and aces for AKB48, SKE48, NMB48. We also discuss the future Kami 7 after first and second generation members.

All Night NSK is where we discuss idol topics that we feel deserve more in-depth discussion than the time constraints of the regular show provide. If you have a topic that you would like us to discuss or wish to take part in a show please feel free to leave a comment on this post or contact Garry or Anthony on Twitter.

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  1. – Garry is becoming the Skip Bayless of NSK with all of those negative and hating comments lol

    – With Mayu, I do not see her as a center for the group. Right now as the group’s image stands, her own image does not appeal to the masses. I do agree with Anthony about how her personality and qualities she has is closer to a Idol from the 80’s which is good. It is just the fact that the cutesy image is not where the group is right now or going. I can only see her being a center if she actually loses the ponytails and changes her image to what she portrayed in her photo book (mature, pretty, long hair down). If she adds the PB image with the qualities Anthony listed positively about her, I think Mayu would fit perfectly for the masses and would become much more marketable as the face of AKB. The only problem with that is if she would take down her ponytails, it would look like she is selling out.

    -I would not consider Fujie as a possible candidate for an Ace due to the fact she has been around for a long time and is finally transferring from being a low tier to almost a mid tier member. I think the amount of exposure she has been getting since the Janken single should have been happening for her a long time ago (probably around when Oshima Mai because Fujie was appearing more often during that time). Prior to the Jaken, she had her own tv show and had a PB but those didnt really improve her popularity. Fujie probably will either continue to be a mid tier member or just fall back down to low tier.

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