All Night NSK 012 – We Apologize For Nothing

Recorded July 19th, 2012.


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Anthony and Garry sit down to discuss Malcolm’s recent article on how foreign AKB48 fans were portrayed on a Japanese TV show and also discuss if idols get into the industry to help support their families financially.

All Night NSK is where we discuss idol topics that we feel deserve more in-depth discussion than the time constraints of the regular show provide. If you have a topic that you would like us to discuss or wish to take part in a show please feel free to leave a comment on this post or use our contact page and put “All Night NSK” in the subject line.

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  1. Thanks for the podcast! And also for reminding me of the SKE48 horror thing, I watched it after listening to this and wow, I wasn’t expecting it to make me scream lol.

  2. I listened to this show…

  3. I listened to this show.
    I listen to every show.
    But you probably already knew that.

    I also disagreed with Malcom’s article. I read the article before seeing the video and thought that I would agree, because typically I do think whenever foreigners get an ambassador in Japan… they do a pretty good job at humiliating the other foreigners. However, when I saw the show… I thought it was pretty cool and tame. Typical Japanese TV is about light humiliation.. and that show was nothing over the top.

    I know one of them, the guy who ventures to the locations in PVs to snap images, he has his own blog.. we’ve spoken a few times. It was cool to see him. I think they did a pretty good job simply based on the fact most of them spoke decent Japanese. That alone should impress the avg Japanese Joe-suke.

    I know they were eccentric, but damn.. they shoulda tried to be cool. Gotta play shit cool… always. Fuckin spazzin’ losin ur shit every second is a bit.. I understand the mocchi moment, but crying to Yuko’s speech? REALLY? I cry a shit load to that stuff.. but I can easily control the mood, despite being an eccentric fan myself. lol

    But yea, I think Malcom was off on that post.. his opinion and the reality seem a bit different. I think for the most part they were decent ambassadors (mainly cause of speakin Japanese tho lol). I’d like to see more programs like this in the future though.

    And those questions were so damn easy… especially the “what was I eating” one. >;/

  4. Hey, thanks for using my suggestion. Thought about it because of the news of Yamamoto Sayaka helping pay for her grandma’s operation.

    • Yeah, I figured that’s why you brought the topic up. I’ve read many theories of her making about 200,000 yen a month. Which is not that great haha.

  5. I listened. I didn’t think there was anything offensive in the cast, but this ruined my dream of becoming an idol and making some serious bank. ;'(

  6. -I never thought that idols actually made that much. I always put them in the same category as every other Asian pop group like kpop idols. For example the girl group Kara, at the end of last year they made about $60 million in total since their debut in Japan and from my knowledge they are still living in dorms provided by their company that they had been living in since they were trainees. I would like to see some of these contracts and seeing how much they are truly making.

    -I only had one problem with the Yamamoto situation. Why didnt her agency or AKS just pay for the cost? The way I see it is that
    -she is the center of one of the biggest groups in Japan
    -she brings in a lot of income to the people who are making money
    -she in a very valuable asset in the sense that if anything were to happen to her it would probably affect sales of NMB48 quite a bit
    If all of these things are true, wouldn’t the smart thing to do for an agency is to help her out in her personal life so it doesnt affect her in any negative way, disrupting their product?

    -I was kind of laughing when I heard that people were complaining about the article. That always seems to be the case in any fandom where if you criticize them in any type of way that they will have a backlash. For myself there were things Malcolm said I agree with and there were things I completely disagree with but it wasnt a big deal to me. I have always been a person who many times in the past if I didnt agree with someone’s idea on NSK I would just post in the comment section and have rebuttals with whoever so I dont know why ppl wouldnt do the same. I do appreciate that there is no censorship when it comes to ideas on NSK and even if I dont agree with them I still respect their thoughts.

    -Btw I am someone who consistently listens to all the podcast and reads the articles, its just sometimes I take breaks off of idol related stuff (like 2 or 3 weeks at a time) bc I just can’t have it in my face all the time. Also I do have a community article (if I am done with it) that I would like to submit to you guys but who do I have to send it to for review? It may be another controversial topic but something that would enlighten people.

    • anthony not logged in

      Hey bluedarkness, send it through our contacts page and title it community article and garry will look at it. Thanks for your support.

  7. I listened to the show. I don’t the think the contestants on Like! Japan Maniacs Grad Prix were any different than the Japanese idol fans on Akbingo. I think AKB48 members are probably use to that.

    By the way, what was that scary SKE48 show you were talking about at the begnning of the show.

  8. I’m on NSK’s account everyday! Gotta love those recorded broadcast! ヽ(´ー`)ノ

  9. The Campaign is called “Don’t Hate, Love Idols”

  10. As requested, I just finished listening to the show, and I do listen on the regular.

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