All Night NSK 01 – KAMI 7? KAMI 8?

Recorded January 13th, 2012.


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The first episode of our spin-off podcast sees Garry, Dae and Anthony sit down to talk about some Kami 7s.

All Night NSK is where we discuss idol topics that we feel deserve more in-depth discussion than the time constraints of the regular show provide. If you have a topic that you would like us to discuss or wish to take part in a show please feel free to leave a comment on this post or contact Garry or Anthony on Twitter.

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  1. Hey folks, make sure you leave us feedback, questions, discussion topics for us! Leave feedback on our iTunes page!

  2. Isn’t this a funny coincidence? Lol
    Akbmatome posted about the Itano situation and thoughts of a Kami8,9,10

    This year elections will be one to remember. Especially the UG area.

    ANNsk is interesting. Wish it was a lil longer. I hope to see this show grow and maybe become a regular like the original NSK podcast.

    I personally don’t see a need for a Kami7 if it isn’t true to it meaning anymore.
    I’m fine with the the top 12 aka, Media Senbatsu coining.

    …..hurry up next single, so we can have Senbatsu talks! Lol

  3. One thing I wish u guys talk about was (since AKB is so inflated and management is showing off members to one day carry the flag one day) is the Kami7 in a post 1st gen era (Yuko included in this). U know, when supposedly by default Mayuyu would become the center ace of AKB unless a future member of AKB would.

    As of right now:
    4. Shimazaki
    5.Sashihara (kuz I don’t see her leaving anytime soon)

    It be very funny if David’s Nogizaka-to-akb absorption came true lol
    If it did, Shiraishi Mai and Ikuta Erika can join the front <3

    • Kairi, that is an interesting topic. I have written it down and will pitch the idea to the guys. If you’d like to be a part of the discussion, I”ll let you know if we decide to record this as a podcast. Make sure you add me on twitter so I can contact you if that happens.

  4. Umm…..

    Somehow, it felt “incomplete”……

    Idk how to say…….

  5. SKE’s Kami 7 is really hard to decide for me, from personal opinion and what the the public thinks. I think that if their Kami 7 is ever officially decided then they have to have members from team KII and E. When I look at KII and E I see a bunch of really great members that could be potential Kami 7 candidates but I just don’t think they are popular enough in the public eye. So I think that more members need to be pushed, or SKE should have a team shuffle.
    But honestly, looking at all the members in SKE, I don’t think 7 is enough or if they should even have a Kami 7.

    Thanks for this new spin-off podcast its interesting, and by the way, liking the use of the ANN theme.

    • Thanks, man! I do agree that Team S is pretty stacked and needs a shuffle. If we could see more of the lower-tier members on TV, I think the Kami 7 would be pretty easy. The problem with SKE is that Nagoya isn’t a hot bed for the entertainment industry. In terms of exposure, NMB will have the advantage since TV in the Osaka area are very established thanks to the comedians that do well on TV stations in Tokyo that are aired nationally.

  6. Well yes certainly NMB has advantages with Osaka based TV etc using them, I suppose in a way its also making it easier for girls like Kecchi and Macchun among others to gain popularity on shows that maybe thier SKE counterparts don’t have.

    As for SKE themselves, well I think they have tried to balence things out team wise, Churi being the obvious example (possible at the expense of Kuumin) but also the like of Gomatan and also Airin who in no small part is getting more poular through Rena but these girls still dont maybe sometimes get the chances that others do…..

  7. I think Kobayashi Emiri might be a good canidate for promotion to Team S. She subs for Team S members a lot anyway.

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